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Fly me to you.




Fly me to you. 

You have heard the pharse many times, but not 100% sure what the process involves.

Here I am to explain everything thats involved, which is is actually much simplier than most usually anticipate.

A Fly me to you is exactly that. You fly me out to your location to spend time together.

This is a preferred option for those suitors that find it hard to catch me on my tours.


My Travel Costs 


My USD Fee.

For flights under 4 hours (within Europe and the UK) Im absolutley fine with catching a Economy flight. Anything longer, I would usually request business class flights to be covered.

Accomodation needs to be in a appropiate 4 or 5 star hotel (No private residences)

When it comes to booking these additional costs, Ill need to do this myself (for discretionary reasons) so will need to have the deposit for the booking (25%) and flight + accomodation costs covered upfront.

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This really does depend on you and what your needs are.​

Are you looking to spend a indulgent 24hour or weekend together?

Maybe you want company in between a stressful work trip, me waiting back at your hotel for some care and pampering in between meetings? 

Either way, I can be that refuge for you, or long awaited treat.

A succesful fly me to you, requires good communication from both parties.

My expectations on extended dates, are having my full 8 hours un-interupted sleep, hour of gym time a day (usually before or after breakfast) and another hour break in the afternoon / early evening to check in with home / any personal calls I need to make.



Longer dates will always need to include all meals, and a daily activity together (I can do this solo if your working)

I have some date inspiration listed HERE for those that may need some suggestions.

FMTY Minimum durations for the UK and Europe start at a 4 hour lunch or dinner date (8hour day date or overnight preferred)

The Middle East or USA will be a minimum of 24 Hours.

Anywhere outside these areas will be a minimum of 48 Hours.


Please keep in mind a FMTY usually takes a little bit of scheduling and time to organize and fit in around both of our schedules.

I will need you to fill in my contact form with the usual required screening.

Ill then be intouch to discuss finer details and organisation of deposit / FMTY expenses.

It really is as easy at that!

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